I-510 PCI-E 2P Parallel Card


Add two IEEE 1284 Parallel Ports on system
Faster data rates up to 1.5Mbytes/sec

  • Ordering Code: I-510
  • Part No: IE-N45-6120-00-00012
  • Solution: ASM1083+MCS9865

This card enables user to expand two additional LPT ports on their PC-based system for connecting their parallel devices.


Parallel (LPT) port offer data transfer rate up to 1.5 Mbps with built-in ECP/EPP/SPP/BPP autoswitching operation modes to give you maximum system performance and efficiency via DB25 pin female connector.


Due to current mainboards does not equip any Parallel (LPT) port, this card is your best solution to utilize your centronics peripheral with parallel port in an easy-to-use environment and creates for use in the commercial automation and as well ideal for home or office users.



* Compliant with PCI Express Base Specification 1.1

* Supports x1, x2, x4, x8, x16 (lane) PCI Express Bus connector keys

* Add two IEEE 1284 Parallel Ports on system

* Supports Standard Parallel Port (SPP), Enhanced Parallel (EPP) & Enhanced Capability Port (ECP)

* Faster data rates up to 1.5Mbytes/sec

* Plug-n-Play, I/O address and IRQ assigned by BIOS


System Requirements:

* Windows XP/2003/7/8.x/10/11 (32/64 bit), Linux, DOS

* One available PCI Express slot



1 x Driver CD

1 x User Manual

1 x Bracket with one DB25 female parallel port


Packing Information:

* Retail Blister

* 40pcs. Per carton

* Measurment: 56.5 x 36.1 x 43 cm

* G.Weight: 10.2 Kg ; N.Weight: 9.2 Kg

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