Contract manufacturing services (EMS).

Sunrich provides our customers a complete "one-stop" turnkey manufacturing services that will include:

- Quick turnaround prototyping/sample preparation,
- Engineering and production setup,
- Materials procurement,
- Board Assembly - SMT and DIP , leads components and parts insertion,
- Quality control,
- Reliability and aging testings,
- Final Quality assurance,
- Packaging and shipping.


We serve many major customers around the world for many different types of industrial and consumer electronic products--PCBA and Boxbuilt for over 20 years. We are praised as a reliable and  trustworthy manufacturing partners by many of our customers.

With strictest control of our manufacturing management conforming to ISO9001-2008,ISO14001:2015 system and  BSCI audited ;  besides of Quality, Quality and Quality as the basic needs for products' manufacturing, we pay much attention to the fundamental requests from each of our customer :

  • effective communicate and speedy response on any technical, logistic, and commerical issues,

  • anticipate problems and to provide solutions and/or alternatives,

  • solely to follow customers' bill of materials, production conditions, testing prodecures, labelling+packaging requirements, and any other requirements imposed,

  • implementing corrective action effectively for subsequent production,

  • plan and execute for overall cost effectiveness and cost down programs,

  • highest integrity and confidentiality  within the business to protect our customers' interest, their proprietary information and the know-hows.

We understand what your needs are as we have long experience dealing with international customers, let us be your manufacturing partner while you focus on your product and market developments.

We firmly believe only if our customers are successful, we'll too.


Followings are the summary tables of our production capabilities:


PCB Assembly


SMT + Assembly Lines
◆ PANASERT SMT , high speed -- 2 lines.
◆ Samsung SMT , medium speed --1 line.
◆ Sony SMT , high speed --2 lines. 
◆ ASM bonding machine AB-530 -- 4 sets.

◆ Insertion & Wave soldering line-- 3 lines
◆ Casing assembly/Packing-- 8 lines  

SMT Capbilities
◆ BGA and micro BGA.
◆ Fine Pitch SMT : volume assembly down to 12 mill’s. 
◆ 0402 size and 0.4 mm pitch.
◆  PTH(Pin Through Hole) - Assembly from manual to automatic 


Quality & Tests


◆ ISO 9001 certified, WEEE, ROHS & REACH compliant.
◆ IQC Check : ED X-Ray for RoHS, CCD Projector , Spectronphotometer, LRC multimeter, Salt Spray Corrosion , Solderability. 
◆ In-house QA Lab Capabilities : Programmable Temp/Humidity cycle test, Vibration test, Drop test, High-Lo Pot test, and any testings  required tailor-made setup. 
◆ Full range of QA tests: from in-circuit to full functional and Reliability tests etc, upon customer’s requirements. 


Rapid Prototyping


Our dedicated line is catered for a small scale production, which also allows a quick turnaround for samples and prototyping for engineering or customer approval.  Our capabilities handles small size components 0402 and fine-pitch QFPs, small heatslugQFNs or 1,000 lead BGAs. Lead-Free RoHs-Compliant are throughout in our production and materials.  



Our Engineering Capabilities include: 
◆CAD-based schematic capture and multi-layers PCB design 
◆Mechanical Design - including plastic case and metal case design 
◆Tooling Fabrication 
◆Prototype and engineering sample build 
◆Packaging Design - mechanical and graphic 
◆Full experience in computer products - including VGA cards, accessories, networking products, routers etc.
◆Analog, Digital, Microprocessor Hardware Design for products used in industrial control, consumer and building automation. 


Materials Management


With today's constant economic pressure to lower inventory levels without adversely affecting lead times, many of our customers have established a partnership with us to packagings, inventories in order to ship their products on demand.  We work together with customers on some programs that offered customized services: 

◆ Bonded inventories on raw materials,
◆ Customized packaging,
◆ Dedicated Cost Reduction Program (Quarterly Review),
◆ Computerized Inventory Management,
 Finished Goods Inventory Options – JIT, etc.



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