Fraudulent ST-LAB products found in Europe

1/22/2019 5:29:00 PM

To whom it may concenrns:

Fraudulent ST-LAB products found in Europe:

Please kindly be noted that our conmpany has recently been informed some USB,HDMI,LAN related products were sold under our brand name of "ST-LAB", without any knowlegde of the Sunrich Technology (H.K) Ltd.

Our company was contacted by the related licence holders, such as HDMI confirming these "fake" products' the license fee had not been paid up, as the result those products were confiscated by the European customs for further investigation.

"ST-LAB" is brandname of Sunrich,and no other company is authorized to sell any products under "ST-LAB" without its owner namely Sunrich Technology (H.K) Ltd's writtern authorization anywhere in the world.  SunrichTechnology (H.K) Ltd. will not be liable for these fake "St-LAB"products for poor quality and its safety, and has reserved the right to the parties who illegally infringed  its trademark and patents for legal action accordingly.

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