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Signal Switch

G-240 3.5mm Stereo Audio 2x1 Signal Switch
Ordering Code: G-240
Part No: YN-000-7110-12-00012

G-240 lets you share a speaker/headphone with 2 stereo audio sources.

Simply press the push button, you can choose which audio sources to listen.

No power is needed.

Bidirectional. You can switch between speaker and headphone within second.



Quickly and easily chooses between any two stereo audio source

Or switch one audio to two separate outputs

No power required


Package Contents

1 x 3.5mm Stereo Audio 2x1 Signal Switch

1 x User Manual


Packing Information:

* Retail Blister

* 80pcs. Per carton

* Measurment: 53x27x45 cm

* G.Weight: 12.8 kg

* N.Weigt: 12 kg


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